Trick or Treat? Better both of them.

Some people does tricks and others makes treats. We at this time do both: use tricks in the mini-game Challenges in your competitions and an irresistible treat: we give you 500 free geocoins so you can use them. Today we are generous ;-)

And if you haven’t had enough, we give you the Revenge! and even the possibility of challenge rignt from the ranking

Play with advantage: los trucos.

Now you can use tricks in your mini-games and take advantage to beat your opponent, but watch out, because your opponent can see your trick and decide to use it too!

Each minigame has different tricks with different effects. You can see what each trick do in the competition tab.

When your trick turns illuminated in the screen, click on it to use it!

500 Free Geocoins: ¡that’s a good treat!

Each minigame has its own tricks and so you can learn to use them all, we give you 500 free geocoins for you to practice …. and win.

Revenge! You already can get the rematch.

When you lose a challenge is not all lost, now you can fall back on using the “REVENGE” button.  you will play against the same opponent and at the same minigame. Let’s see if he can now win again?

Challenge the best one from the ranking.

In this version you can challenge any player directly from the ranking. Do you dare to challenge the number 1?

Social Geowar is your app to create your own competitions between groups and have fun playing and winning.

Play. Win. Create.

Thanks for playing with us!!

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