Habemus Beta! Social Geowars!

Hi there!!!

We’re finally in the stores. Our first mobile app, Social Geowars can be now downloaded in Google Play and in the and we are so happy that we want to share it with you!!!

Social Geowars is a game that allows you to create your own competitions (challenges), or join competitions already created (with the subjects you wish!), and compete challenging our oponents through a real Geolocalization Radar. The format of the game is through one against one challenges which are sorted out playing a mini game between one of the three actually available (at this moment). The winner scores points for himself and for its team.

Its’s really very simple:

1.- Choose a challenge to begin to play.

2.- Find your objective in the radar.

3.- Challenge him in a minigame and earn points!

You can join to other challenges or create your own at: www.socialgeowars.com.

We challange you to challenge us!!!

At the moment you download the app you become in your own betatester, therefore all information you could share about your experiences will be welcomed and taken in consideration in our continous process of improvement of the app. Althought it’s already available at the moment in the app stores (Apple store and google play) bear in mind that this is not the final definitive and complete functional version of the app, on which we’re still working in order to add new functions in new coming updates. Please send your coments, suggestions and ideas to: info@geotapgames.com

Download at itunes (iphone users).

Download at googleplay (android users).

It’s here!! Download social geowars Beta version!!


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