Think + Do + Earn

I want to make money, you want to make money, we all want to make money.

The initial idea is that everyone who participates in the creating process, may also participate in the process earning income. The Democratization of mobile games, developed from concept TDE (Think, Do, Earn), we share is based on the revenue generated by in app purchases with the creators or developers who participate in them.

It would be nice to say that we invented, but our inspiration is rooted in the philosophy of the “Project for the common good economy” promoted since 2009 by Christian Felber and basically, “aims to create a sustainable economy and alternative financial markets in the necessarily have to be involved companies”. And our interpretation is based, among other things, that people who are active in our apps in a creative way, have to get some of the revenue they generate. And for this to be possible, we develop mobile platforms and apps you achieve this goal is simple.

La economía del bien común.