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(Español) Fútbol Geowars App. Tú decides esta liga. (gratuita iOS / Android)

futbol geowars
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Trick or Treat? Better both of them.


Some people does tricks and others makes treats. We at this time do both: use tricks in the mini-game Challenges in your competitions and an irresistible treat: we give you 500 free geocoins so you can use them. Today we

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New version: create, list and join new competitions.

lista de competiciones_play

Create competitions from your mobile. Now you can create your own competition or Geowar directly from your mobile. You know, it’s time to prove who is the best team ……. about what you want!Do not forget to join your own

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Habemus Beta! Social Geowars!


Hi there!!! We’re finally in the stores. Our first mobile app, Social Geowars can be now downloaded in Google Play and in the and we are so happy that we want to share it with you!!! Social Geowars is a

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Minigames advance.


After the last radar screen that I showed you, here is a brief preview of how look the minigames that you will find in our first app. The minigames are called “Fast Gun”, “Sword!” and “Touch the ball!” Descriptive, isn’t

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I watch you in my radar…

localizando objetivos

Advancement of one of the screenshots which is our first mobile game. You better not get in my radar ….

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